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Vibration app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9984 ratings )
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Developer: Diffraction Limited Design LLC
4.99 USD
Current version: 3.60, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 12 Jan 2009
App size: 11.76 Mb

Vibration is a true vibration spectrum analyzer using the built in accelerometers and gyroscope inside the iPod Touch and the iPhone and starting with version 3.x it can sample the built in microphone and the Digiducer professional quality external USB accelerometer. It acquires and displays time series data, optionally removes DC bias, applies a Hamming window and performs an FFT on each channel to produce frequency spectra. The 3-channel accelerometer has a sensitivity of approximately 0.02g and a range of ±2g making the iPhone and iPod Touch sensitive enough to analyze the vibration of most moving machinery.

In many applications Vibration can be an excellent portable alternative to a commercial spectrum analyzer. In predictive maintenance applications Vibration can help identify bearing defects, shaft misalignment, imbalance, and structural resonant frequencies. Vibration is also useful for monitoring the acceleration of part and material handling equipment.

The software is flexible and easy to use. It was written to emulate the familiar oscilloscope based spectrum analyzer. Sample rate and sample delay are easily adjustable and the user can select the length of the data acquisition and the vertical scale used for the display. Once the settings are configured simply press the sample button on the device or on your Apple Watch. When a test is complete the resulting data can be emailed to your desktop computer for documentation purposes.


• Sample the built in accelerometer or gyroscope, the internal Microphone or the professional Digiducer USB accelerometer. Additional Digiducer accelerometer features can be enabled via in-app purchase.
• Adjustable sample rate from 10Hz to 100Hz for the internal sensors and 1 kHz to 16 kHz for the internal microphone and the Digiducer accelerometer (with in-app purchase)
• Trigger sampling and review settings using the Apple Watch companion app.
• Auto repeat and auto save allow data to be taken over extremely long periods of time.
• Selectable data length from 256 to 4096 samples
• Variable start delay from 0 to 20 seconds
• Adjustable vertical scale for time series data
• DC Remove option to get rid of the gravity vector
• Switchable Hamming window for frequency analysis
• Frequency data plotted as Linear-Linear, Log-Log, Log-Linear and Linear-Log
• Computes rms and peak levels for each channel and for all three channels combined
• Document your results by taking screen snapshots and syncing them to your computer or sending a CSV formatted email with the time and frequency data to your computer or saving data locally and downloading the data with iTunes
• Turn on and off individual frequency plots
• Calibrate the internal accelerometers and examine and edit the calibration data
• Optional sounds to mark the start and stop of data acquisition
• Data inspectors and zoom
• Triggering off one or more accelerometer channels or microphone input.
• Frequency data averaging and peak hold.

Further development and additional features are planned. Please use the email links in the program to request new features and report any problems.

Pros and cons of Vibration app for iPhone and iPad

Vibration app good for

Performs as advertised. I was surprised that it had a cursor. Hope you break the 50hz fmax barrier soon, it would be worth paying more.
I have never found a app I will depend on as such as this. Amazing work guys completely worth the $4.99
Outstanding little tool. Making great progress in a number of scenarios... Love it!
It is a state of the art. The best program I have ever used in my life including all PC software.

Some bad moments

I made calibration, restarted iphone many times but it ever shows this error and isnt usable
Can use a little mor work ,, hangs a little ,, and needs continous option
This app is a very creative use of the iphones sensors and with a little imagination it has many potential uses. It has worked beautifully for me, just as described without any issues. The interface is clean and easy to use. I highly recommend it!
I think this is a pretty nice little application. Once cropping options and other little things are addedthis will be a perfect tool.
I teach engineering at SFSU. "Vibrations" is our app of choice for accelerometer experiments. It has an intuitive interface, collects accurate information (expecially with the latest calibration update), displays time and frequency technical data in csv format as well as graphics, and sends csv data conveniently to email. The only change I would like to see is to have the capability of sending the graphics via email through the "Vibrations" app rather than having to save them in the Photos folder first. This app is highly recommended for those who want to take advantage of the 3-axis accelerometers data in iPhone/iPod Touch.
I have used this program to impress the Vibration analysts that I work with. Hopefully, in time they can give the big boys like GE, Emerson, SKF, and IO Tech a run for their (over priced) money. The new enhancements on the horizon include data storage, cursor mode, and trigger level. Co-workers think that I am crazy by placing my I-Touch on a machine, or performing a bump test with an I-Pod. This does beat using my finger and guessing the amplitude and frequency. Try this program, you won’t be disappointed…