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Inst. Balancing machine merci

Balancer for correction 1 plan. 2 plan merci

Good micro analyser

Performs as advertised. I was surprised that it had a cursor. Hope you break the 50hz fmax barrier soon, it would be worth paying more.

I love you guys

I have never found a app I will depend on as such as this. Amazing work guys completely worth the $4.99


Apps should never ask for AppleID password

Vibration App (Truax)

Outstanding little tool. Making great progress in a number of scenarios... Love it!

Data acquisition warning

I made calibration, restarted iphone many times but it ever shows this error and isnt usable

State of art, 5 stars application of the year!

It is a state of the art. The best program I have ever used in my life including all PC software.

Needs continous logging

Can use a little mor work ,, hangs a little ,, and needs continous option

Excellent app!!! Does exactly as advertised.

This app is a very creative use of the iphones sensors and with a little imagination it has many potential uses. It has worked beautifully for me, just as described without any issues. The interface is clean and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

Good idea but.....

The "i" buttom doesnt work. (iPhone 3G)

Great App!

I think this is a pretty nice little application. Once cropping options and other little things are addedthis will be a perfect tool.

Great app for professionals

I teach engineering at SFSU. "Vibrations" is our app of choice for accelerometer experiments. It has an intuitive interface, collects accurate information (expecially with the latest calibration update), displays time and frequency technical data in csv format as well as graphics, and sends csv data conveniently to email. The only change I would like to see is to have the capability of sending the graphics via email through the "Vibrations" app rather than having to save them in the Photos folder first. This app is highly recommended for those who want to take advantage of the 3-axis accelerometers data in iPhone/iPod Touch.

The best priced analyzer in the industry!

I have used this program to impress the vibration analysts that I work with. Hopefully, in time they can give the big boys like GE, Emerson, SKF, and IO Tech a run for their (over priced) money. The new enhancements on the horizon include data storage, cursor mode, and trigger level. Co-workers think that I am crazy by placing my I-Touch on a machine, or performing a bump test with an I-Pod. This does beat using my finger and guessing the amplitude and frequency. Try this program, you won’t be disappointed…

90% perfect

I work in an industry where I have occasion to use some pretty high tech vibration analysis on prototype systems, so I was interested in what this could do. So far, Im fairly impressed with the results. I like that you can get csv output, I like that there is some degree of sensitivity control, and I like the calibration. My complaints, such as they are, are divided into technical capabilities and interface. For the interface, I guess I dont like the way the settings screens are arranged. You get one set of controls from the time display, one from the frequency display, and another from the iPhones settings app. You cant even toggle between the first two settings screens! And the buttons are not quite professional looking. The bottom three buttons look clunky, and the acquisition time and vertical scale button groups are poorly animated during the page flip animation. I also think theres a cleaner, more intuitive way to do the toggling between acceleration, velocity, and displacement. Seriously, I had no idea what was going on with those until I read the help pages. Technically, I want higher frequency in the data. I set to 100hz, and I can only see about 25hz in the upper end of the frequency plots. Also, the app hangs once in a while and has to be reset. Thanks for doing everything else right.

Amazing app

I am very happy with this app for the price. I am a dynamics analyst and do this kind of measurement with 100 or more accelerometers all the time. The ability to use the iPhone as a triax for quick measurements blows my mind. And continuous mode is not needed in my opinion since you can capture the frequency content of a vibrating system in ten or twenty seconds. Time plots are not the power of this app. It is the frequency plots that have the real information.

Perfect Engineers App

Shocked to find real engineering in the Iphone store? If you are a civil,mechnical engineer, asset manager, student buy this app. Can you imagine performing basic System Idenification on the Golden Gate? Condition Monitoring of your Cisco Media Hub? Think of the future where many iPhones monitor the Golden Gate and are triggered by Quake Warn. The era of low cost asset integrity monitoring has started with this App.

Just excellent

Bought it out of necessity hoping for a screenshot of the results and was pleasantly surprised to get them in csv!! Great app for monitoring vibration in automobiles for comparitive nvh analysis.

Awesome Vibrations App!!

This application is great. My work is in mechanical vibrations and I often think of things outside of work and how to measure them for fun! This is the perfect application with enough information to satisfy the scientist in me, yet simple and fast enough to be entertaining.....That being said...BUYER BEWARE: If you arent vamiliar with the mathematics of vibrations, study up, or dont even waste your time. Get a clinometer App or something.

Fix buggs

Needs continous sampling option, and y axis dont work. ipod touch 2g

Needs greater frequency range

Love this app but if you claim to be able to detect bearing faults then I need a frequency range higher than 50hz.

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